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TOMORROW Moving Planet! – Be There or Be A Trapezoid!

WHAT: Moving Planet is a worldwide rally to demand solutions to the climate crisis. WHERE: All over the world. WHEN: September 24, 2011 FIND OUT WHAT ABOUT EVENTS IN YOUR AREA by entering your location: http://www.moving-planet.org These are some of the events taking place near Hartford, CT, USA Biking and walking from Granby to New Haven Hartford United States … Continue reading

(Video) Gasland Trailer: 2010 Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Award Winner

WORD OF THE DAY FRACKING: To get natural gas companies inject, at high pressure, into each well up to 8 million gallons of water and toxic chemicals (like kerosene and diesel fuel). This fluid fractures underground formations, unlocking natural gas that has been trapped. WHAT IS THE COST? This is an issue EWG has been investigating … Continue reading

(Video) Winner of Sustainable Oscar Dress Design (for Suzie Cameron) Contest!

Jillian Granz won best sustainable oscar dress design for Suzie Amis Cameron’s sustainable global dress contest.  Suzie partnered with Global Green to host the contest.  The proceeds go to an eco-oriented elementary school, Muse, that she started in Los Angeles.  Jillian’s dress will be worn on the red carpet by Suzie Cameron, (wife of Avatar director … Continue reading

Ski Champ Bode Miller Talks about His Organic Farm (Video)

In case you don’t know who Bode Miller is… My favorite Bode vid. He  loses a ski and keeps on going. Mad, mad skills.

(video) Patagonia- Environmental Responsibility and the Supply Chain; What’s Next?

Patagonia asks the experts: What are the greatest threats now facing the environment? Is sustainability a real and achievable goal? Can business ever move beyond sustainability – leaving the planet better than we found it? How do we need to change business – and our behavior – to start to substantially lighten our footprint? We … Continue reading

Sweet & Innocent: Organic Cotton Fabric, Patterns & Solids

Thank you Jackie Hernandez at Green Options for putting me on to the following 2 wonderful resources. Beautiful Innocence! Bunte Fabrics http://buntefabrics.com Sweet & Innocent Organic Fabrics at Etsy Green Depot! http://www.greendepot.etsy.com Fleece

Most Exciting Eco-wise!

Most exciting green design weblog- Inhabitat Most exciting plug-in hybrid car prospect for U.S.- AFS Trinity Saturn Hybrid Most exciting tri-fuel car- Lotus Exige 270E Most exciting driving design prototypes Milner Electri-Car & Milner AirCar Most exciting city car- Carbon-free, Stackable, rental car Most exciting city vehicle system as seen in Paris, Lyon, London, San … Continue reading


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