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Upcycling: What is it? 8 Kick Buttock Examples

In nature nothing is ever wasted. When a plant dies it decomposes and becomes the nutrients for new life. Upcycling mimics this natural process. Upcycle  TerraCycle® definition: Using every aspect of waste as value… Typically a piece of waste can be seen as two things: the material it’s made from and the shape it is in. For … Continue reading

Greening The White House: Obamas Look For Ways To Outdo Predecessors: Huffington Post

Great article written by NANCY BENAC for the Huffington Post! “Part of what I want to do is to show the American people that it’s not that hard,” Obama said in a television interview during the transition. He said he’s one of those people who tiptoes around and turns off lights at night. “I’m not … Continue reading

Geek Love: Brilliant Bike Inventions! MAKE television Episode 1 – Bicycle Rodeo & VCR Powered Cat Feeder

NO CHILD LEFT WITHOUT MAKE!!!! No Adult, Dog, or Cat Left Without MAKE! more about “Geek Freak Brilliant Bike Inventions!…“, posted with vodpod

(Video) Inside Patagonia’s fabric lab: recycling fabrics: *faircompanies –

Thank you Kirsten Dirksen! more about “(Video) Inside Patagonia’s fabric lab…“, posted with vodpod


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