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Income low? 20 ways to save $$ at home (food, clothing, home necessities +) this winter

Food assistance, coupon databases, free offers, swap sites and more! Continue reading

(video) Dr. Greene: Help End Childhood Obesity. You Can Give Your Child a Better Metabolism!

Pediatrician, father of 4, Clinical Professor of pediatrics at Stanford, Child Health Hero, Dr. Greene is the leading edge of medicine and prevention. Here is what he has to say about ending childhood obesity.

Discovery of a biochemical basis for broccoli’s cancer-fighting ability- ScienceDaily.com

“substances called isothiocyanates (or ITCs) — found in broccoli, cauliflower, watercress, and other cruciferous vegetables — appear to stop the growth of cancer. But nobody knew exactly how these substances work, a key to developing improved strategies for fighting cancer in humans.” Discovery of a biochemical basis for broccoli’s cancer-fighting ability.

Comprehensive Study Shows Commercial Organic Farms Have Better Fruit and Soil, Lower Environmental Impact – Sciencedaily.com

From sciencedaily.com (Sep. 1, 2010) — Side-by-side comparisons of organic and conventional strawberry farms and their fruit found the organic farms produced more flavorful and nutritious berries while leaving the soil healthier and more genetically diverse…The study is among the most comprehensive of its kind, analyzing 31 chemical and biological soil properties, soil DNA, and the … Continue reading

“Western diet” link to ADHD- Physorg.com

A new study from Perth’s Telethon Institute for Child Health Research shows an association between ADHD and a ‘Western-style’ diet in adolescents. The research findings have just been published online in the international Journal of Attention Disorders. “A ‘Western’ pattern is a diet with a trend towards takeaway foods, confectionary, processed, fried and refined foods. These … Continue reading

Michele Obama to Oprah: Veggie Garden Coming to White House Lawn!! : TreeHugger

Yaaaaaay!!!!! So simple. Yet, such an important statement. What a great example Michelle and her children will be  setting for everyone. Of course it will be organic! How could it not? Thank you Treehugger! Good job everyone who was plugging for this! I know there were many. From Oprah’s Magazine Michelle Obama: We’re also working … Continue reading

Choppin’ Broccoli Video in honor of NY Times Featured Health Ingredient

Dana Carvey knows what’s good for him. more about “Choppin’ Broccoli Video in honor of N…“, posted with vodpod See NYTimes Broccoli Recipeshttp://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/health/series/recipes_for_health/broccoli/index.html

Multivitamin Misinformation: by Dr. Ronald Hoffman

“So, in short, … we are left with misleading conclusions from an ill-conceived study that sheds little light on the health benefits attained by the millions of Americans who take a balanced portfolio of high-quality vitamins.” Dr. Ronald Hoffman Multivitamin Misinformation.


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