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I want your video!!! Found a truly stellar nontoxic product? Record and/or photograph your experience. I will post it here!

The question is, “What nontoxic product truly works well?!” I want to hear about the nontoxic products that TRULY WORK WELL! So, if you have had a stellar experience with a nontoxic product, send me a message, a link, and help me spread the word. – a nontoxic cosmetic or personal care product just as … Continue reading

All Natural, Safe, Easy Homemade Cleaning Recipes

General Disinfecting Dream Recipe Easy Green Living, Renee Loux 1/4 cup vodka, 1/2 cup 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (the drugstore stuff), 5 drops grapefruit seed extract (optional), 10 drops essential oil of lavender (optional) and 5 drops essential oil of lemon (optional). Combine all, mix don’t shake. Spray and wipe or spray and let it … Continue reading

ReMake America: Maker Faire 2009

A Do-it-Yourself Culture and Technology! Grassroots Innovation! 4th Annual Maker Faire Bay Area: Re-Make America Following on President Obama’s call to “begin again the work of remaking America”, Maker Faire 2009 will be organized around the theme of Re-Make America. Held in the San Francisco Bay Area on May 30-31, Maker Faire celebrates what President … Continue reading

Recipe: Lemon Post-Winter Hand Treatment

This simple eco-luscious recipe is from Kara DiCamillo of Treehugger “…try this homemade solution that works overnight. It consists of sugar that gently sloughs away rough patches, coconut oil that moisturizes and lemon juice that lightens pigment discoloration and brightens skin. We bet it works for feet as well if you’re getting them ready to … Continue reading

Homemade Moisturizer Recipes from the Skin Care Resource Center

HOMEMADE MOISTURIZERS Recipes from http://www.skincareresourcecenter.com Most of these will not last more than three days in the fridge Healthy Glow Moisturizer * Juice of 1 lime * 1/4 cup milk, boiled * 2 tablespoons good quality olive oil * Mix well and refrigerate after use Super Soft Moisturizer * 1 teaspoon honey * 1 tablespoon … Continue reading

10 Ways To Save Big On Natural And Organic Beauty Products from FeelgoodStyle

This terrific post offers up the easy tips and sound advise for those of us who like simple, honest, and effective solutions. Big kudos to the author, Stancie Wilson of feelgoodstyle.com 10 Easy Ways To Save Big On Natural And Organic Beauty Products And Keep More Green In Your Wallet : Feelgood Style.

Queen of Green Clean? Natural Cleaners – HousekeepingChannel.com

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