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(video) Dr. Greene: Help End Childhood Obesity. You Can Give Your Child a Better Metabolism!

Pediatrician, father of 4, Clinical Professor of pediatrics at Stanford, Child Health Hero, Dr. Greene is the leading edge of medicine and prevention. Here is what he has to say about ending childhood obesity.

Discovery of a biochemical basis for broccoli’s cancer-fighting ability- ScienceDaily.com

“substances called isothiocyanates (or ITCs) — found in broccoli, cauliflower, watercress, and other cruciferous vegetables — appear to stop the growth of cancer. But nobody knew exactly how these substances work, a key to developing improved strategies for fighting cancer in humans.” Discovery of a biochemical basis for broccoli’s cancer-fighting ability.

(video) “Kale is the new beef.” But, don’t be scared. – Dr. Fuhrman & Marilu Henner

When you know about something that is simply the best, you have an obligation to spread the word. When it comes to getting and staying healthy I do not need to convince anyone that Dr. Fuhrman’s method beats them all, hands down.  Those that do not already know this only need to go to his … Continue reading

(video) Farm to School: Feeding Our Children’s Bodies & Brains

Marion Kalb, director of the Farm to School program, part of the Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC), talks about the benefits to school kids, farmers, and rural communities when fresh, and local food is brought into the school lunch program for K-12 kids.


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