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(video) U.S. Male sperm counts down 50% in last 50 years – One very possible reason

Endocrine disruptors are no small problem. It is all connected. I challenge you. No, I dare you to watch all the (less than 3 min.) videos in this series by R. Rongitsch. Each one is short. Yet, what you will learn is vitally important. Chapter 1 – Introduction Chapter 2 – Feminized Fish Chapter 3 – … Continue reading

Chemistry for Change! Support Endocrine Disruption Prevention Act | Our Bodies Our Blog

Take 2 minutes. You and your loved ones are worth it! Chemistry for Change: Call on Congress to Support the Endocrine Disruption Prevention Act | Our Bodies Our Blog.

(must see vid part 2) Bill Moyer BPA Expose

My hero, Bill Moyer:

(a must-see video) PBS Bill Moyer BPA (toxin) Expose part1

My hero Bill Moyer:

Green Dot Award Winner: NaturOli Laundry Detergent Concentrate

NaturOli’s Extreme 18X Why use NaturOli liquid soap nuts? Well to begin… Regular laundry detergents may contain any or all of the following: Enzymes – Are a skin sensitizer, but may cause dermatitis and allergic reactions Sodium Hypochlorite – Causes lung irritations, bronchial or respiratory reactions, cardiovascular damage, as well as eye and skin damage. … Continue reading


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