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Join Mayday PAC to save US democracy! 4,608,0000 $$ already pledged by 25,000 Americans!

Join and pledge at: Mayday PAC. To help save our true democracy from crony $$/ corruption. # of pledges: 41486 (about 25,000 people have pledged!) already pledged!! $4,607,634 pledged of $5,000,000 goal 13 hours left time remaining to pledge   … as long as it’s 4th of July somewhere in the Union (THANK YOU, Hawaii!)   The … Continue reading

Iran: One Soul for Democracy, Truth, and Freedom, #Iranelection #Tehran #Neda #gr88

United 6-21-09 from Darafsh Peace from Life Magazine 6-19-09 Saadi Tehran 6-15-09 Lion heart from Madyar rough translation: women should have the same rights, 6-12-09 from hectorss Demonstration in silence in front of governmental TV station 6-16-09 from Madyar Moussavi supporters 6-17-09 from Sober Protest in Tehran 6-21-09 from Darafsh IranElection pict Manimar Iran election … Continue reading


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