Food for Optimal Health 2

Baby Food

Fruits & Vegetables

Great Organic Food Links

Healing Nutrition

Local Farms & Farmer’s Markets

Local Restaurants

Ideas For Low Income Families

Other Ideas to save money: 

  • Super healthy snacks that cost less include:  Nuts, carrots, peanut butter, raisins, yogurt & some kinds of dried fruit.
  • Cook healthily in super-bulk once a week (Sundays) and then freeze a good deal of it in single servings.
  • Eat the fruits & veggies that are in season
  • Seasonal Fruit & Veggie Shopping Guide
  • Cheaper greens are just as good for youcabbage, carrot, celery, broccoli

Make sure to take a daily multivitamin!


Milk, Cheese & other Dairy

Non GMO Company & Brand list

Online Store

Organics Reports & Magazines

Pesticide Guide


Safe Fish



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