Heart of Healing: Love

“True love begins when nothing is looked for in return”

– Antoine De Saint_Exupery


No matter what your path is, no matter who your parents are, how they raised you, whether you were an orphan in the foster care system, whether they hurt you terribly or were the best parents on earth, no matter how crazy you have felt at times, no matter how small or powerful you feel on the career/job totem pole, no matter where you lie on the behavioral bell curve, whether you are a creative freak or a number cruncher, no matter what kind of illness you had or have, no matter what pills you had to take or have to take now to lead your life, whether you are in a wheelchair or running a marathon, it is all about love. That is really what it is about.  Love overcomes hate. Love overcomes fear. Love can break through ignorance. Love has no color, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or orientation.

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Po Bronson  nurture shock book


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