AntiCancer Resources

How to Build a Cancer-Fighting Salad

#1 Most Important Video You Will Watch on Cancer Prevention, Natural Defenses in Preventing and Treating Cancer by Dr. Servan-Schreiber

CrazySexyLife.com In 2003 Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare and incurable stage 4 cancer. She decided to film her pilgrimage to find healing. Along the way she learned that a nutrient dense, plant-based diet rules, the Standard American Diet kills, stress sucks (all life-force), exercise is non-negotiable, joy is utterly contagious, and having fun must be taken seriously. Her journey has ignited a global wellness revolution. Her third book, Crazy Sexy Diet includes all the nutrition and lifestyle tips she gathered over the years.

LiveStrongCareplan.org Lance Armstrong Cancer Care Plan

Lance Armstrong finishing 3rd in Sète, taking ...


CancerSupportCommunity.org Lance Armstrong affiliated community support

Cancer Transitions Distance Learning Program Lance Armstrong affiliated 


Cancer Victors Website! 

Cancer Victors Links!

Ralph Moss’s site about the latest in alternative cancer research. This site has clinic lists and recovered patients to contact.  The medical writer Ralph W. Moss, PhD, has written or edited twelve books and three film documentaries, mostly on the question of cancer research and treatment. He is a graduate of New York City public schools, New York University (BA, cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, 1965) and Stanford University.  (MA, 1973, PhD, 1974, Classics. The former science writer and assistant director of public affairs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Ralph Moss’ book Customized Cancer Treatment:



How a Powerful Lab Test Predicts Which Drugs Will Work for You–and Which to Avoid

Unleashing the Immune System: New Insights Into Cancer  This book-length report details the origin and development of a little-known treatment of cancer utilizing a system for filtering the blood in order to achieve a beneficial effect, even in late-stages. The report explains the rationale for this treatment: the removal of certain specific factors from the blood that block the activity of tumor necrosis factor (TNF). It details the theories and achievements of an American hematologist/oncologist, M. Rigdon Lentz, MD, who helped pioneer the use of therapeutic apheresis (TA) for cancer a quarter century ago. Lentz and his physician wife now administer this treatment to patients in a private outpatient clinic in Germany. He also works with industry to perfect the production of new commercial medical devices, such as his unique Oncosorb™ affinity column.

Choices in Healing for Cancer One of the best books on complementary therapies is Michael Lerner’s Choices in Healing. It’s a balanced and thoughtful assessment of a variety of therapies and their role in the treatment of cancer. The publisher (Commonweal) has placed the entire book on-line.

AnnieAppleseedproject.org/ Therapies outside mainstream medicine


SurvivingMesothelioma.com Surviving Mesothelioma – site with a free patients guide.

Maacenter.org Asbestos exposure and mesothelioma resource


Margaret’s amazing blog – Living with smoldering Myeloma



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