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(music video) Macy Gray – Beauty In The World

Take a moment away from fixing the world to appreciate the beauty! Macy Gray – Beauty In The World.  

(a must-see video) PBS Bill Moyer BPA (toxin) Expose part1

My hero Bill Moyer:

(video) A graphic fugue for friday on Tuesday!

A fugue based on the Dragnet theme, accompanied by scrolling bar-graph and conventional scores. Composed by Stephen Malinowski in 1975, performed by The New Esterházy Quartet (Kati Kyme and Lisa Weiss, violins, Anthony Martin, viola, and William Skeen, violoncello) on December 16, 2007; the theme of that concert’s program was “Haydn’s Fugues”; this was played … Continue reading

(video) The Plastiki crew talk about their favorite wildlife experiences


NNUS loves Green Hero Zem Joaquin: (VIDEO) Global Green USA Millennium Awards 2009 Honoree

(VIDEO) RAISE YOUR VOICE – Desmond Tutu’s Climate Change Call to Action

(VIDEO) Dr. Alan Greene Discusses the Kid Safe Chemical Act

(video) Youth Empowerment through Hip Hop

The S.H.A.R.P. program in Washington, DC encourages students to express themselves through hip-hop. By writing lyrics, rapping, and creating music tracks, the students are empowered to speak openly about their identities and life experiences.


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