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(video) The Adventures of Power!… Unadulturated Awesomeness!

“One of the funniest films of recent years.” -New York Magazine I am such a proud distant ex-girlfriend of a friend who was good friends with a person who was born to be the superstar Power.  Yes, that’s right folks. I knew the insanely sexy writer-director-lead actor in this film, Ari Gold, back in college when he … Continue reading

(Video) Validation – 16 minute fable- Winner, Best Narrative Short, Cleveland Int’l Film Festival

My father emailed this to me and it is so true and beautiful I had to pass it on.

(Video) Economy Still Gettin’ You Down? Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, Monte Python

Eco Girl Wonder Trailer- Soon to be Cult Classic

Go Eco Girl Wonder! Save the world from people who don’t recycle! more about "Eco Girl Wonder Trailer- Soon to be C…", posted with vodpod

Australian wrestles kangaroo from family home

People, we have to be ready for all things in this day and age and be thankful when it’s not a lunatic Ninja. I had an encounter with a mouse last week that was surprisingly similar to this story. Australian wrestles kangaroo from family home

Thomas Friedman’s Run-On Sentence of the Era

From Lloyd Alter’s Treehugger Article, Tom Friedman: Mother Nature and the Market Say “No More.” “It must be time to buy stocks and real estate, because the New York Times has never been so dire. Thomas Friedman channels Jim Kunstler (some might use stronger language) when he writes the run-on sentence of the week: We … Continue reading

If Jesus drove an Italian sports car | The God Blog | Jewish Journal

Thank you Brad A. Greenberg of The God Blog for this great post. I follow a number of folks on Twitter who claim to be the Almighty. @God just tweeted that he “told Jesus to go for something less flashy.“ This photo was the picture of the day Saturday at Jalopnik, the automobile member of … Continue reading

Choppin’ Broccoli Video in honor of NY Times Featured Health Ingredient

Dana Carvey knows what’s good for him. more about “Choppin’ Broccoli Video in honor of N…“, posted with vodpod See NYTimes Broccoli Recipeshttp://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/health/series/recipes_for_health/broccoli/index.html


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