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(video) Green City Boy Adrian Grenier’s Alter Eco, from Planet Green

I dunno, that developer is lookin’ pretty slickery for a green guy! more about "(video) Green City Boy Adrian Grenier…", posted with vodpod Advertisements

Green Anthem by Rapper, Activist, Green For All Academy Fellow, Tem Blessed

“The Movement is Green for All. The vehicle is the 3rd Eye. The Youth is the Build. Features Tem Blessed, First Be, and Outspoken of 3rd EyE Unlimited, bringing vital survival issues through a green, hip hop lens. It educates about the different types of clean energies, and what some communities are doing to connect … Continue reading

Badger Balm Products Simply Rock! USDA Certified, Organic Cult Classics For Good Reason

This posting is in honor of Chris who rightly pointed out that my post “Top 21 USDA Certified Organic Skin Care Lines” was missing Badger Balm!  He wrote, “Don’t forget about Badger Balm, http://www.badgerbalm.com. They were one of the first to make their entire product line USDA Certified organic (and they make great stuff).” Chris,  … Continue reading

U.S. Let’s Grab Some of This: Sustainable Homes from Easy Domes

Sustainable, quick assembly, low-energy, prefab homes by Danish architect Kari Thompsen. Inhabitat » PREFAB FRIDAY: Sustainable Homes from Easy Domes.

Top 6 USDA Certified Organic Home Cleaning Brands

Most synthetic (and petroleum derived) pesticides and fertilizers, and all antibiotics, genetic engineering, irradiation and sewage sludge, are prohibited for use in organic production. 100% Organic Only products containing 100% organic ingredients can display the USDA Organic logo and / or the certifying agent’s logo. 1. Dr. Bronner’s http://www.drbronner.com Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Classic Liquid … Continue reading

Top 8 Safe Cosmetic Brands in the U.S. 2008

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED PLEASE GO TO UPDATED POST https://hcferris.wordpress.com/2009/03/09/top-8-safe-cosmetic-brands-in-the-us-2009/ The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database Ratings, from 0-2, are in the parentheses after the specific product. 0-2 is the safe range, 0 being completely non-toxic. The EWG rating system is not perfect and it is important to review the ingredients on products. … Continue reading

Extraordinary Purification

What if we took the creative genius and unbelievable money that goes into advertising vodka and used it to help people understand the degree of pollution in our oceans and on our planet… more about “Extraordinary Purification“, posted with vodpod

Small House Huge Eco Ideas: Cornell’s Solar House

I grew up in an architect designed house larger than this one but similar in many ways. My house had mostly glass door walls. So, I can really appreciate the triple pane window idea and the flip up shades. I also like the idea of table tops you can change. I must say though that … Continue reading


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