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(video) 350.org – In every corner of the globe…

http://www.350.org – On 24 October, we will stand together as one planet and call for a fair global climate treaty. United by a common call to action, we’ll make it clear: the world needs an international plan that meets the latest science and gets us back to safety.

(video) 350.org: Because the world needs to know

350 is the safe line for our global climate. Join 350.org to take action in your community, engage our world’s leaders, and be part of an international movement to solve the climate crisis.

(video) HRH the Crown Prince of Denmark’s Call to Action: You Can Help Fight Climate Change

To participate http://www.youtube/user/cop15

(Video) U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Leads Call to Slow Global Warming

The United Nations is keeping itself at the forefront of international efforts to slow global warming. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has made climate change his signature issue, and he is trying to spur negotiations for a new global climate treaty by bringing together 100 heads of state and government for a summit. Their meeting on … Continue reading

(video) President Barack Obama at UN Climate Change Summit

In his first address to the United Nations as Commander-in- Chief, President Obama addresses the pressing issue of climate change. The one-day UN summit brought together delegations from 90 nations.

(Video) Message to World Leaders: The people have voted. Make Copenhagen Mean Something!

site: http://www.earthhour.org twitter:http://twitter.com/earthhour This December world leaders meet in Copenhagen to decide how we deal with climate change. What sort of future would you have them choose Earth or Global Warming?  Hundreds of millions of people have already voted for Earth with their light switch. Its time to show where you stand. Its time to Vote … Continue reading

(Video) Join Oxfam’s Global Climate Change Campaign!! – Tck tck tck – It’s time to act.

Oxfam Global Ambassador and actor Gael Garcia Bernal joins ordinary global citizens, as they support Oxfam’s tck tck tck Climate Change Campaign. There are only 100 days remaining for the world to agree on a deal to tackle the biggest threat facing humanity, Garcia Bernal said. Every one of us is now responsible to pressure … Continue reading

(video) Robert Redford Talks about Being Green: The Larry King Show


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