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Toxic Prevention Story in Tweets

The message about toxic chemicals in our environment is gaining momentum and strength and a growing force for change is fighting back. See http://www.toxicbaby.com, the documentary by Penelope J. Chaffer!

See how powerful we are:) Chemical Giants Bow to #BPA Ban in Kids’ Foodware | Environmental Working Group: http://www.ewg.org/release/chemical-giants-bow-bpa-ban-kids-foodware#.To9pWN61s_4.twitter via @AddThis
October 7, 2011
Must see! http://www.toxicbaby.com by Documen. filmmakr Penelope Jagessar Chaffer & biologist Tyrone Hayes re chemicals affectng humans & planet
October 7, 2011
#FF @toxicbabymovie by Penelope J Chaffer. @Healthy_Child’s mom on a mission! http://healthychild.org/blog/comments/meet_our_2010_mom_on_a_mission_penelope_jagessar_chaffer/
October 7, 2011
Air Pollution Linked to Premature Births: Dr. Landrigan Comments http://conta.cc/pTAw5D via #constantcontact
October 7, 2011
#FF safer world! @petemyers @rhondaSherwood @thesmartmama @EWGtoxics @practicallygrn @healthy_child @WA_Toxics @changeca @safehhealthyct
October 7, 2011
PRT @petemyers Chem lobby says Stop us using bisph. #BPA! But just in baby stuff. Pregn. women? Breast cancer patients? http://bit.ly/p9XFu1
October 7, 2011
RT @thesmartmama: Researchrs find male rats exposd to DEHP (a phthalate) formed fewer cells & nerve cnxns in memory parts of brains #ecowed
October 6, 2011
RT @GreenChemistry: Genes change message after newborn rats given bisphenol #BPA. — EHN.org http://shar.es/bX5Av #epigenetics
October 5, 2011
RT @thesmartmama Research found link btwn prenatal pesticide exposure & babies w/ lower birth weights, shorte… (cont) http://deck.ly/~fuHDB
October 5, 2011
Study confirms PCB exposures can result in cochlear dysfunction & extends disruption to a mixture of #PCBs and #PBDEs null
October 5, 2011
As seen in Toxic Baby New England Journal of Medicine confirms in utero exposure to DES linked to rare vaginal cancer http://bit.ly/ou2tGT
October 5, 2011
RT @LizSzabo: Daughters exposed to DES in utero – 2x risk breast cancer, much higher rate of infertility, miscarriage, usat.ly/nCObRm
October 5, 2011
After much in-depth research & industry resistance, @EPA declares TCE causes cancer: http://htl.li/6Mhv3 #TCSA #NAGP #Organic #Health
October 4, 2011
RT @saferchemicals TY @YaleE360 report on growing evidence Flame Retardants r #toxic/harmful. http://bit.ly/o3tKa3 #tsca reform now! #NAGP
October 3, 2011
You know the French saved their bees when their government banned the synthetic pesticides listed in EPA doc @glueandglitter @Care2Green
September 21, 2011

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