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Amy Butler’s Blissful Organic Cotton Prints Change the Game!

Amy Butler Organic Soul Fabric Collection


I cannot lie. I have a huge thing for beautiful fabrics and fabric prints. A couple years ago I fell head over heals, madly, deeply in love with Amy Butler’s bright, passionate, joy-filled designs. I knew then and there that we needed Amy Butler on Team Organic. So…

About a year and a half ago I contacted a woman at Amy Butler Design via phone. I told her that I (along with throngs of other Amy Butler fans) was utterly in love with Amy Butler patterns and I virtually begged (OK I did beg) for a line of organic fabric prints and solids.  The woman I spoke to was extremely sweet and explained that they had thought about it but they did not presently have anything in the works. Worth a try right?

Then, this last July 11th, I happened to be looking up a sewing pattern on her site and low and behold, there, shining brightly off the screen, was a message (with a gorgeous picture) for the new Amy Butler Organic Soul fabric line, not yet in, but coming soon! Joy!!

I sent them a message thanking them for creating this gorgeous line of ORGANIC cotton fabric patterns.

Two days later I received the following VERY SWEET message back.

Hello Heather,

Thanks for passing the word along, it has taken a lot of work to make Amy’s vision for organic cotton a reality and it has been so hard to keep it a secret.  I do remember talking with you and Amy thanks you for persistence and for emailing us.  Amy would love to get your feedback  on the organic cotton, be assured Amy does plan  to add organic to her next collection of fabric too, already in the works . We hope everyone likes it as much as we do!
LOVED your site, must stop interrupting my studio mates with “come here, you just have to see this!”   Please stay in touch.
My best,
Linda Sandin

Finally, yesterday I received the email message that the fabrics had arrived! So, without further ado!


  • A sustainable, beautiful line for quilting and fashion sewing.
  • Prints derived and rescaled from her most popular Soul Blossoms designs
  • Lovingly reproduced on a 100% organic cotton using low impact dyes.
  • The fabrics come 44″ wide
  • Certified organic through G.O.T.S. affiliate Control Union Certifications – Netherlands

My Favorites!  See more here






Why Choose Organic?

More Amy Butler Organic

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