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GREEN BEAUTY RECIPES book coming in November 2010!

The sequel to THE GREEN BEAUTY GUIDE by Julie Gabriel is coming soon.

GREEN BEAUTY RECIPES book coming November 2010!.


Green Beauty Recipes

Here’s some information from the back page:

The insider secrets, tips, and step-by-step techniques to making your own organic and natural cleansers, toners, moisturizers, shampoos, body lotions and oils, deodorants, sun care, and baby products.

The founder of organic skincare line and author of THE GREEN BEAUTY GUIDE, Julie Gabriel spills the beans and reveals the secrets of cosmetic industry as she teaches you exactly how to create your own beauty products without chemicalsusing only natural ingredients.

Save up to 90 percent off the retail price by duplicating your favorite conventional beauty products without the use of parabens, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals.

Learn how to formulate cosmetic products to minimize the risk of irritation and achieve maximum benefits for your skin condition.

Find out how to professionally blend, package, label, and store your unique beauty creations that you can make for yourself, your family, friends, or clients.

Discover the most beneficial natural ingredients for your beauty dilemmas and learn how to combine them for amazing results.

Get the latest information on vegetable oils, active botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and natural preservatives to use in your beauty products.

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