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(VIDEO) PLASTICS: Breast Cancer and The Estrogen Connection-Cornell University

Estrogenic chemicals in plastics. What you need to know, from Cornell University

What you can do:

Learn the names of environmental estrogens
Bisphenol A (BPA) is an environmental estrogen found in polycarbonate plastics (recycle symbol 7). It is also used in the epoxy lining of metal cans (food cans).

Minimize leaching from polycarbonate sports or baby bottles
-Wear and tear, harsh detergents, or heat can cause bisphenol A to leach out.
-Hand-wash bottles in mild detergent.
-Don’t leave bottles where they can heat up (hot car, hot sand, etc.).
-Don’t use bottles that are worn or scratched; recycle or reuse.
-Microwave food or beverages in glass or lead-free ceramic containers.

Make alternative choices
-Consider using food-grade stainless steel water bottles or glass baby bottles.
-Minimize use of canned foods; eat more fresh produce or dried products instead.



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