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(Video) Our Beloved Bubble and Bee Organic is Now Certified!!! Products You Can Trust

Why do I love Bubble and Bee?

#1. It all starts with the founder, Stephanie Greenwood. This is a smart woman. Her website is one of the most fun ways to learn about product ingredients. She makes the chemistry easy for anyone to understand and truly interesting. Check out her blog and you’ll fall in love with her too! Stephanie’s Bubble and Bee Blog .

#2. All of their products fall in the safe category of the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database. AND 21 out of 25 of those products are rated “0” for completely safe. Yaaaay.

Stephanie Greenwood, owner of Bubble & Bee Organic, talks to Brooke of Studio 5 about organic lotion sticks. Taped April 22, 2009


Stephanie began working in a Biology lab at 14, and started taking advanced Chemistry classes at the University of Utah at 16. When she was 26 she learned that chemicals around her in personal care products could be causing some of her health problems, like hormonal imbalances and asthma. She writes on her website bio, “When I found out that the chemicals in my personal care products could be causing my hormonal imbalances, I was outraged! I started a search for the most natural, most organic products I could find. When I found products that lived up to my standards, they were either too expensive or turned out to have hidden ingredients.”  So, she decided to make her own products using simple, organic ingredients.  She enlisted the help of a chemist friend in California to help her refine her formulas, and soon she had a vast repertoire of her own products. Her friends and family caught wind of her experimenting and asked her to share her discoveries. Soon she was making soaps, shampoos, lip balms and deodorants for the entire family.

Stephanie and her business partner Steve Thomas’ mission is more than just selling their products. Their goal is to inform others about the importance of staying away from the dangerous chemicals in our world of fancy products with entrancing colors and fragrances. In addition to making and selling products, they’re busy working on an extensive website with a database of cosmetic chemicals, articles, a blog about recent health and beauty news, and informative videos. They also want to help people save money by teaching them to make their own natural bath and body products. They’re creating learning programs, recipes, and tips for natural living that everyone can use. They
believe that organic products shouldn’t be just for those who can afford them, but for everyone who wants to live in a safer, more natural world. Bubble and Bee Organic makes Organic Fun!

Fantastic product: Their organic deodorant Pit Putty!  A stick with the absorbency of a powder.

'Pit Putty 100% Organic Deodorant


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