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Amen to Moral Evolution in the Church: Katherine Schori, Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Calls Homosexuality “A gift, in the same way that heterosexuality is a gift””

The church has committed a continuous crime of discrimination against homosexuals and in doing so has abused the name of God. “They know not what they do.” ??  This is why Katharine Schori is a hero to me. This straight girl agrees 100% with her statements on homosexuality.

Katharine Jefferts Schori, the bishop of the Episcopal Church,  told theWashington Post in June, 2008 that homosexuality “Is a reality of creation, not just the human species. For some people to say it’s against the order of creation, is a very interesting comment and it doesn’t accord with what we can observe in nature” and then she called homosexuality “a gift.” She continued, “We do not have a choice about how we are created. We have a choice about how we are going to live, what are we going to do with what we have been given, how we use the gifts with which we’ve been blessed.”

Here is the link to the short video interview with Schori:



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