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Iran: “…all we want is freedom…” from Huff Post

12:35 PM ET — A child goes missing. Reader Alex sends along a rather heartbreaking series of tweets from tonight by a reliable Twitter user in Iran. He is a medical student whose three year old daughter, apparently while out in the streets with her older brother, gets lost. The stream of tweets extends over several hours.

My daughter had to cross vali y asr exactly where people were shot I am afraid I am holding her little dress

I am the voice of the students of Iran. This is not right …it is murder all we want is freedom we do not want violence
She is my life…my daughter is the reason I am a medical student and the reason I fight for justice
My daughter has been bruised by baton I hear also my brother injured by baton and is more injured but I do not know much now
I think basiji have base near her
Thank you very much for support I am worried more now more than three days no sleep daughter injured…I am smoking like chimney
I hear news of rally but I am treating woman and finding my daughter
The pain of not knowing is worse than injury
Using American alcohol on wounds fight infection
Good day for revolution for peoplebad day for family
Some boy has come in he said someone shoot at his he has small wound from baton on eye
I ask him what did you do child he said when someone shoot at you, you shoot them back.
Oh god!
This child is near 14 years… why must kids fight for the mistake of old mullahs?
I have aged 10 year in 3 days
I am not afraid to die for freedom I am afraid to die without getting it for my daughter
We are young// the kids fighting are very young but we our minds are captive to old men in silly dresses
Why should the youth obey the old when their ideas are not our ideas when their actions are violent… this is not Muslim
This is not fair… we are free in our minds let our bodies and our mouths be free to say what we want…. to do what we want
I am afraid most of the world does not care if we are free or slaves
My brother has many friend in regime he should have sent word by now
Saw police wear green scarves riot man was crying
Well I want to find email addresses of doctors and link them too the medic.
Doctors are trying to get to rural areas, as there is less support there
Far as eye can see people in every corner people everywhere…revolution is close to end… Ghandi would be proud
I cannot count the numbers too big
When all these troubles behind us I will get my camera back and go to the park with my daughter

1:19 PM ET — Good news. The medical student in Iran I referenced below finds his young daughter, who had gone missing in the crowds. The tweets are from over the last hour or so:

are parent you know how hard it is to be away from a injured child

but her life is more important than my life and putting her in dange is not what i want if you 
she is very scared now i am sure she hates gunfire and darkness
i just want to hold her again to kiss her forehead ..to be free with her…to see her run free in the park
we students do not chant death to america we want american constitution
ok so i know my daughters safe..


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