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David de Rothschild to Set Sail in the Plastiki Environment | The Observer

Davidderothschild300In a few weeks, David de Rothschild, National Geographic Visiting Fellow and founder of Adventure Ecology, will set sail across the Pacific – in the Plastiki, a boat made from plastic bottles and recycled waste. The following excerpt is taken from his April 9th blog post.

Hey everybody,
Just wanted to update you on where we are at with the Plastiki. The Project is progressing really well and we are in unchartered territories now, being well on the way to having a boat built entirely out of reclaimed plastic bottles, srPET and recycled waste products! Some of the challenges we have already faced on the build have been immense and I’m sure there will be plenty more drama before our expedition across the Pacific launches in the summer…

The mission and aspirations behind the Plastiki have been driven by an insatiable curiosity to ‘beat waste’ whilst challenging the attitudes of our Planet 1.0 cradle to grave society by offering up solutions, conversations and collaborations to a change our current attitudes to become a Planet 2.0 ‘cradle to cradle’ society…

Read the rest of the post here on his beautiful website


When it is ready, in a few weeks, the Plastiki will carry de Rothschild and a crew of six on a 10,500-mile journey from San Francisco to Hawaii, Midway Island, Bikini Atoll, Vanuatu and, finally, Sydney.

Here’s an article from the Guardian in the UK

via David de Rothschild sets sail to save oceans from ‘plastic death’ | Environment | The Observer.


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