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Tulsi – Holy Basil: Your Daily Adaptogen | Intent.com

This is such a great article by Dr. John Douillard on the benefits of Tulsi, properties confirmed by modern medicine.

Tulsi has rejuvenating properties that can boost energy, and because it is not a stimulant, it can be taken before bed and support deep sleep….We must treat the cause of stress by first understanding the difference between a true adaptogen, like tulsi, and one that just helps offset the symptoms of stress. Tulsi is called the Incomparable One because it naturally employs the body’s healing system, intelligence and awareness to fight stress and restore optimal health….Instead of acting only as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, anti-stress or anti-arthtritic agent, tulsi does it all. In addition, tulsi has been reported to lower blood pressure, boost immunity, reduce ulcers, and treat allergies, cancer, infertility, diabetes, cholesterol and radiation poisoning. As western science continues its investigation it will be hard pressed to find a condition that tulsi will not be helpful with.

Here is the article by Dr. John Douillard

Tulsi – Holy Basil: Your Daily Adaptogen | Intent.com.

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