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Best Nontoxic Shave and After Shave, NurtureNature! Best Picks


SKIN DEEP Toxin Rating

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The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database Ratings, from 0-2, are in the parentheses after the specific product. 0-2 is the safe range, 0 being completely non-toxic. The EWG rating system is not perfect and it is important to review the ingredients on products. However, it is a fantastic starting place for learning about ingredients and possible toxicity. Some companies have been known to not send in the full listing and thus rate higher than they should and some ingredients have been entered into the system in such a manner as to come out in the toxic range when it is not at all toxic. See the Misinformation of “Skin Deep” on the Sukipure website if you are interested in knowing more about the strengths and weaknesses of the EWG skin deep database. Overall I am a huge believer in the work of the Environmental Working Group and this incredible database. No one can expect it to be perfect. People just have to be aware.

EVO Green Rating

Every product on EVO is assigned a number of leaves to represent how green it is. The more green leaves, the greener the product. In response to this increasing demand for product transparency and truly environmentally-friendly attributes, EVO spent several years developing an objective, science-based technology to screen millions of products for their environmentally-sustainable attributes and then rate them on a green scale represented by green-leaves: a score of one leaf means there is something about the product which makes it “green,” whereas a score of five leaves often means the product is currently one of the best choices for the people and the environment.

Additionally, each product is assigned “Green Attributes” to indicate why the product is green.


NurtureNature! Top Nontoxic Products For the Men

The following products are top recommendations by National Geographic’s GreenGuide. They are the best of the best in both the nontoxic and the green arena.

Shaving Creams & Soap Stick



Tom’s of Maine Natural Conditioning Shave Cream, Refreshing Mint $3.99


Organic Baby USDA Certified Shaving Gel $7.90

California North Pacific Foam Shaving Gel <br>7 oz. Aluminum Bottle
  • Not in EVO database!
  • No animal testing
  • Green Attributes: containers either aluminum, glass, or polyethylene bottles (all recyclable).
  • EWG SkinDeep Rating (1) See EWG Info California North Pacific Foam Shaving G
California North After Shave Care <br>4 oz. Bottle
  • Not in EVO database!
  • No animal testing
  • Green Attributes: containers either aluminum, glass, or polyethylene bottles (all recyclable).
  • EWG SkinDeep Rating (1) See EWG Info California North After Shave Care
  • A light, natural shave cream for all skin types. view details
  • Not in EVO database!
  • Green attributes: packing materials that are either biodegradable or contain recycled content. We also reuse shipping materials or recycle them. Our office supplies are made from recycled materials and we recycle all of our goods. Our office is run off of our own Solar Energy and when the sun doesn’t shine enough, and we have to use electricity, we buy Green energy from Puget Power. We now only use glass bottles for our full-sized organic products, having recently discontinued the use of PET 1 plastic bottles. We also do not animal test. For our Organic Gift Baskets and Organic Sample Sets we use fair trade baskets and bags. Our products themselves contain Certified Organic Ingredients, Organic Ingredients, Wildcrafted Ingredients and a few naturally derived. We use no chemicals in our products. They are plant, herb and floral based. How cool is all of that?
  • EWG SkinDeep Rating (1) See information Nurture My Body Shave Cream Fragrance Free


Cr̬me de la Shave РToasted Almond 4oz $5.48

$5.48 Does it matter that this is women’s shave cream??

Men’s Stock City Rhythms After Shave Balm 4oz$10.95

Men’s Stock City Rhythms Aftershave 4oz $9.50

Aubrey Organics North Woods After Shave $10.49

  • EVO Rating:
  • Green Attributes: Organic
  • EWG Skin Deep rating a (1)



Speick Shaving Cream $6.50 Speick Shaving Soap Stick $5.99

Speick After Shave Lotion $17.50 Speick After Shave Balm $18.00

  • EVO Rating:
  • Green Attributes: Vegan, All-Natural
  • NOT in EWG database
  • Shop at Natural Europe
  • Speick Shaving Cream received the highest rating by the German Oko-Test magazine, a consumer magazine which rates natural products in non-biased, rigorous tests.


  • EVO Rating:
  • Green Attributes: Vegan, Organic
  • NOT in EWG database

About Heather

My name is Heather Ferris. I am the founder and creator of Nurture Nature Project! I believe together we can re-imagine the future and re-create systems to support the sustainable regeneration of healthy life on our planet. Listening to your own heart and living from your inner truth is the first step to building a better world. Every person has something important to offer.



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