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Vermont Organic and Eco Intelligent: A Few Good Things

Vermont Organic Fiber

Wool Fabrics

Flannel 6100

Crepe 9201

Suiting 4513

Melton 6204

Jersey 1731

Pile 7241

Blanket 7550

Interlock 9161

Washed Interlock 9198

Vermont Furniture from Beeken Parksons

Beeken Parsons was one of the first Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain of custody certified businesses in the country and they have maintained their certification since 1998.

Bruce Beeken and Jeff Parsons formed a partnership in 1983, establishing a workshop in Shelburne, Vermont. They met as students in Boston University’s Program in Artisanry, where they earned degrees in furniture design and construction. They can be the key to your LEED certified project.

Vermont Organics Formula.com

USDA Certified Milk Organic Formula

Vermont Organics Organic Infant Formula

Milk-Based Nutrition, USDA Certified Organic Infant Formula, Lipids DHA and ARA, No Potentially Harmful Pesticides, No Added Growth Hormone, No Antibiotic, Gluten-Free

USDA Certified Soy Organic Formula

Vermont Organics Soy Organic Infant Formula

Soy-Based Nutrition, USDA Certified Organic Infant Formula, Lipids DHA and ARA, No Potentially Harmful Pesticides, Lactose Free, Milk Free, Gluten-Free

Vermont Organics is committed to protecting the environment. Their factory’s wastewater treatment plant treats approximately 100,000 gallons of wastewater daily with an organic and nutrient removal efficiency of approximately 99.5 percent. In fact, treated water that is discharged into nearby Lake Arrowhead has a very high quality effluent and is as clean as or cleaner than the natural lake water. In addition, waste bacterial sludge generated from the treatment process is dried and used as a great organic fertilizer.

Vermont Organics also maintains an environmentally friendly solid waste program. We routinely collect and recycle cardboard, metal cans, glass, paper, and magazines. We also recycle the following:

  • Used motor oil
  • Metal
  • Treated wastewater biosolids
  • Waste vegetable oils
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Machinery parts
  • Washing solvents
  • Mercury wast

Vermont Soy Candles

Recycled Glass (Jupiter Grove~WC)
Jupiter Grove True Organics (Lavender & Orange) Soy Candle (Pesticide free, non-GMO). Utilizing certified organic essential oils, this synergy combines calming and soothing lavender with balancing sunny citrus fruits. 100% recycled glass tumbler.
The people at Way Out Wax believe that healing botanical essences should be accessible and incorporated into every aspect of daily life.
Way Out Wax was founded in 1992 with a vision to produce hand-crafted works of art utilizing socially and environmentally responsible business practices. We firmly believe in the “Triple Bottom Line” (People, Planet…then, Profit) and strive to create an alternative working atmosphere where creativity, flexibility and respect are given top priority.

Liquid Sunshine
Citrus scented NonToxic Cleaner (NTC).
This is a specially formulated and powerful multi-use cleanser that is safe and mild on YOU! Made from saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, essential oils, organic aloe vera and rosemary extract. Works best in warm to hot water. Liquid Sunshine contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or other detergents, alcohols, d-limonene, artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives. This is a multi-purpose cleaning concentrate made from Castile Liquid Soap and a special blend of essential oils.
Vermont Soap Organics produces USDA Approved, Certified Organic alternatives to the often irritating, chemical and detergent based personal care products now in general use. They manufacture handmade cold process bar soaps for sensitive skin, liquid soaps for skin and cleaning, the first truly organic shower gels, numerous organic nontoxic cleaners and much more. Their Master Soapmakers blend organic food grade ingredients into soap products the old fashioned way. Their special bar soap process removes excess alkali from the soap, creating a super mild bar for the most sensitive skin.
This is a fantastic company. Check them out, they have tons of other great products. Vermont Soap Organics


About Heather

My name is Heather Ferris. I am the founder and creator of Nurture Nature Project! I believe together we can re-imagine the future and re-create systems to support the sustainable regeneration of healthy life on our planet. Listening to your own heart and living from your inner truth is the first step to building a better world. Every person has something important to offer.


3 thoughts on “Vermont Organic and Eco Intelligent: A Few Good Things

  1. Thanks for mentioning Vermont Organics Baby Formula. I used to live near Burlington and it’s nice to know a baby formula factory can operate in Vermont while minimizing its impact on the environment. They’re smart to sell it online too.

    Posted by Shane Odonell | April 21, 2009, 3:33 pm
  2. Way Out Wax True Organics candles are great! I especially love the Sol Tranquility blend….mmm!

    Have you used Vermont Organics Liquid Sunshine? I’ve had it under my sink for awhile now, almost full because it leaves lots of spots on glass/dishes…but I think I’ll try it on laundry and see what happens! Thanks for reminding me about it 🙂 I REALLY like their Liquid Sunshine Spray & Wipe. It smells so fresh…makes the kitchen smell great 🙂

    Lots of great things coming out of Vermont!

    Posted by Fig+Sage | March 5, 2009, 1:51 pm
    • Hello there Fig + Sage 🙂
      Yes, there are so many great organic products in Vermont it is hard to choose!
      Sorry to hear about the spots. I’m glad you wrote in. I fell in love with the purity the Liquid Sunshine ingredients. It is hard to find those products with both pure ingredients and perfect results when it comes to cleaning. Often it is the very ingredients that aren’t so great that are helping with things like spotting, or lightening, or disinfecting. Let us know what you’ve chosen for dish soap! I am using Dr. Bronner’s peppermint right now which I love. Let me know how Vermont Organics Liquid Sunshine works for laundry!

      Posted by Heather | March 6, 2009, 7:56 pm

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