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GenGreen Awards Zosimos Botanicals!

Zosimos Botanicals

NurtureNature! congratulates Zosimos on their GenGreen Silver Business Certificate!

Zosimos, a mineral makeup and natural skincare company, is one of Nurture Nature’s top 2 picks for safest makeup lines in the U.S. This amazing company is the real deal!

Zosimos Botanicals is a GenGreen Certified Business

The GenGreen Certification gauges business’s environmentally and socially conscious behavior based on the following criteria: environmental leadership, resource conservation, human capital, purchasing decisions and daily operations.

Zosimos Botanicals handcrafts their mineral makeup and natural skincare in a 100% wind-powered workshop. As a green business, their products are handcrafted in small batches using gentle plant-based raw materials, including pure plant oils, natural waxes, herbs, extracts, floral waters and essential oils. No animal testing is performed and certainly no synthetic chemicals such as parabens or other toxins. None of their recipes contain any petroleum products, talc, nanoparticles, lanolin, magnesium stearate, heavy metals, sodium laureth or lauryl sulfide, mineral oil or bismuth oxychloride. Also, no synthetic Fragrance Oils or FD&C colorants!

They had already won a top 10 Business of 2008 Award from Startup Nation!

Zosimos Among Top 10 Green Businesses of 2008


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