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10 Ways to Recycle Your Pantyhose : TreeHugger

I must confess that I hate wearing stockings. I’m not talking about the two separate leg ones with garters. That can be fun. Nor am I talking about the fuzzy tights I like to wear in winter. It’s the other ones. The one’s with the seat that begins to ride down in the middle of office presentations or while I am walking back from lunch, the ones that make my legs itch, that go on backward when I’m dressing quietly in the morning, that consistantly betray me by running after two uses if I’m lucky. However, after reading Bonne Alter‘s article, I may be a little less inclined to swear like a sailer and hold a deep seated grudge toward the creator of pantyhose when they fail me.  I now realize that pantyhose are really begging to be used in ways beyond the leg “protection” masquerade.  It is the post-run usability that magnifies the true brilliance of this stretchy fabric’s design.

My three favorite new uses are.

1. Outdoor plant protection. (this makes so much sense!)

2. Anti moth sachets and

3. filtering slightly old clumpy paint!

Read the full article here

10 Ways to Recycle Your Pantyhose : TreeHugger.

PS. Wash first.

PPS. I was looking up a picture for this post and I had no idea the magnitude of stocking fetishism.


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