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Your Teen Environment Experience is Passed to Your Children? Amazing Research in the field of Epigenetics

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In the article, A Comeback for Lamarckian Evolution: Two new studies show that the effects of a mother’s early environment can be passed on to the next generation, published yesterday in MIT’s Technology Review, Emily Singer tells us  ” the research, done on rodents, suggests that the impact of both childhood education and early abuse could span generations. ..”  She further explains, “In recent years, scientists have discovered that epigenetic changes–heritable changes that do not alter the sequence of DNA itself–play a major role in development, allowing genetically identical cells to develop different characteristics; epigenetic changes also play a role in cancer and other diseases…This research suggests that the impact of both childhood education and early abuse could span generations. The findings provide support for a 200-year-old theory of evolution that has been largely dismissed: Lamarckian evolution, which states that acquired characteristics can be passed on to offspring…”  Singer goes on, ” These two new studies are unique in that the environmental change that triggers the effect–enrichment or early abuse–occurs before pregnancy. ”   Read the article..

Technology Review: A Comeback for Lamarckian Evolution?.


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