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Top 6 USDA Certified Organic Home Cleaning Brands


Most synthetic (and petroleum derived) pesticides and fertilizers, and all antibiotics, genetic engineering, irradiation and sewage sludge, are prohibited for use in organic production.

100% Organic
Only products containing 100% organic ingredients can display the USDA Organic logo and / or the certifying agent’s logo.

1. Dr. Bronner’s www.drbronner.com

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Classic Liquid Soap in Tea tree 2oz $2.49, 4oz $3.99, 8oz $5.99, 16oz $9.49, 32oz $14.99, 1 gal $52.40
Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One Sal Suds, All Purpose Cleaner (cuts grease too, see info below) 32oz $11.99, 1 gal $36.79

2. Vermont Soap Co. www.vermontsoap.com

Liquid Sunshine Nontoxic Cleaner (shipping not included in price) 38 oz $14.98, 1 gallon $39.98, 5 gallon $125 includes 5 gal pail & 5 bottles
Liquid Sunshine Spray & Wipe 16oz $7.98, 1gal $39.98

Vermont Soap Organic Castille Soap

organic oils of coconut, olive and jojoba, organic aloe vera, rosemary extract
$13.99/32 oz.

National Geographic Green Guide 5star rating

3. Sound Earth http://soundearth.com

Sound Earth Lightning Liquid Multipurpose Cleaner
organic castille soap, vegetable-based glycerin
$20.24/32 oz.

Sound Earth Toilet Cleaner
organic castille soap, vegetable-based glycerin
$20.24/32 oz.

4. Greenology www.greenologyproducts.com

I could not access the page where it tells where to buy the products.

Organic Glass Cleaner

Organic Kitchen Cleaner

Organic All-Purpose Degreaser

Organic Bathroom Cleaner

Organic Antimicrobial Surface Wipes

From the Website: The Science of Environmentally Safe Cleaning. Our can trace it’s origins to the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. Sea Otters, Harbor Seals, Birds & other Wild Life were cleaned with our safe, oil removing chemistries. Motivated by those brief moments of ecological success, today, we are an even more determined company, focused on raising the bar of standards in our industry.

Why they are different:

We make “Kill Claims” (i.e. Odor Causing Bacteria and Mold). There is no ORGANIC cleaner that we are aware of in the marketplace that is making kill claims. Many of the “safe” cleaners work “decently,” but they do NOT kill or remove microorganisms.

5. Miessence-Mienviron www.mionegroup.com

BioPure Probiotic Household Cleaner – Concentrate 4.3oz $13.59

Biodegradable Dishwashing Concentrate 8.5oz $12.68

6. Oregon Soap Company www.oregonsoap.com

Organic All Purpose Cleaner $8.00

Purchase at www.thefindgreen.com

From the Website:

Oregon Soap Company has made close to 500,000 bars of soap since its beginning in 1994. The soap is certified organic, made with renewable energy, and the soap’s packaging is printed on 100% post-consumer paper.

PORTLAND, OR- December 3, 2007 – Oregon Soap Company announced today that it has donated enough funds to plant 1,000 trees with Friends of Trees, a Portland Oregon nonprofit. While most businesses grapple with becoming “carbon neutral,” Oregon Soap Company takes the lead by offsetting its carbon emissions several times over. Since 1989, Friends of Trees has mobilized thousands of volunteers to plant more than 340,000 trees in the Portland metro area.

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One thought on “Top 6 USDA Certified Organic Home Cleaning Brands

  1. We sell personal care, home care, and health care products made with USDA certified organic ingredients and no artificial chemicals. Our primary product lines are MiEssence, MiVitality, and MiEnviron. There are no artifical chemicals in any of our products. And right now we are running a drawing for a free prpoduct Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach Organics

    Posted by grandstrandorganics | January 18, 2009, 11:48 am

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