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Why Organic Food? Straight from the Doctor’s Mouth

Eating organic food and protecting our children and ourselves from exposure to everyday toxins is vitally important. Here is why.

The following information is taken word for word from a talk given by Dr. Greene for Healthy Child Healthy World. Dr. Greene is a clinical professor of pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine and a father of four. Dr. Greene launched DrGreene.com, which is cited by the American Medical Association as “the pioneer physician web site” on the internet.

U.S. children: sending us a message?

“I did a study with the Environmental Working Group where we measured umbilical cord blood in babies. We found an average of 200 different industrial chemicals in their cordblood at birth. Of the total 287 chemicals we detected, 180 are known to cause cancer

Dr. Greene’s Website  DrGreene.com

My website: http://www.heatherferris.netin humans and 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system. So I realized that what’s “out there” is in us — even in the most inner sanctum of the womb. Being green and getting pregnant and raising a baby are so intimately connected.” Dr. Greene, Grist Interview 07

In the last 10 years, in the U.S., all childhood cancers have gone up steadily about 25%. Brain cancers in kids have gone up 56%, and leukemia has gone up 68%. Just in babies, brain tumors have gone up 60% and reproductive tumors, (cancers), in babies have gone up 124%. It is not that their genes, their genetic make-up, has changed in the last 25 years. It is the environment. We have released into our environment, in our sofas, our computers, our carpets, our drapes and our lawns, a wide variety of chemicals. Eighty five thousand new synthetic chemicals were developed in the last sixty years. Many of them we know are carcinogens, neurodevelopmental toxins, endocrine disruptor hormones. In kids we are seeing a rise in all the conditions related to those things. ADHD up 250% in just 10 years and linked to ADHD is not just lead and cigarette smoke, but also organophosphate pesticides exposure. Today, the average child has three times the EPA safe dose.

So, chronic diseases are increasing very rapidly. Children are more vulnerable to toxins. As Dr. Greene puts it, “the children have unwittingly become the canary in the mine.” They are letting us know that things need to change now. It can feel overwhelming but there are simple, actionable steps, proven general knowledge, telling us what plastics are OK, what foods, even what baby formula! We just have to know that there is a good reason to take those steps.

Dr. Greene Opening Speech, Healthy Child Healthy World

To learn more go to my Vodpod video collection archives and find Dr. Green’s videos on which foods are most important to eat organic.


About Heather

My name is Heather Ferris. I am the founder and creator of Nurture Nature Project! I believe together we can re-imagine the future and re-create systems to support the sustainable regeneration of healthy life on our planet. Listening to your own heart and living from your inner truth is the first step to building a better world. Every person has something important to offer.


4 thoughts on “Why Organic Food? Straight from the Doctor’s Mouth

  1. Erika,

    Thanks for your comment. Your website is great. http://www.organic-baby-resource.com

    Posted by Heather | June 18, 2008, 10:04 pm
  2. Heather,
    Thank you for sharing Dr. Greene’s speech. He so clearly articulates the urgency for making changes to our lifestyle and protecting our children.

    Posted by Erika | June 18, 2008, 2:19 pm
  3. I agree. I have to be careful to always focus on the solutions. 1. We all have a certain level of toxins. Our bodies are pretty amazing. 2. The word is finally getting into the mainstream. 3. Citizen pressure has been working in many areas 4. We can eat lots of fruits and vegetables which are miraculous gifts.

    The following is from Dr. Andrew Weil’s website:

    The issue is what you can do personally – and what we can do as a society – to reduce the burden. The long-term solution is more and better regulation of the chemicals in our environment, and that requires sustained citizen pressure on our elected officials to force the necessary changes. I urge you to take action, and at the same time to learn about common toxins at home and in the environment in an effort to minimize your exposure.

    For personal protection, I suggest eating foods high in antioxidants. Select organic varieties when it comes to foods linked with high pesticide residues (you can find guidance at the Web site of the Environmental Working Group at http://www.ewg.org). In addition, take a good-quality antioxidant multivitamin-mineral every day as insurance against dietary gaps. Natural methods of detoxification include drinking high quality filtered water and using steam or sauna baths to increase sweating.


    Posted by Heather | June 17, 2008, 8:18 pm
  4. It is so scary to think that the things that surround us could slowly be killing us and at this point it seems impossible to completely avoid all of the chemicals in everyday things (TP in public restrooms, the food we eat, the chair we sit in at work..)


    Savin Oxide

    Posted by savinoxide | June 17, 2008, 7:36 pm

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